Titrotherm is Metrohm's new thermometric titration system, and has already demonstrated its ability to solve difficult titration problems for customers. Thermometric titrimetry gives the analyst another dimension in problem solving, since it employs the most basic property of chemical reactions - namely enthalpy change - to detect the endpoint.

Thermometric titrimetry offers the analyst speed, accuracy and precision. In addition, acid/base, redox, EDTA, precipitation and non-aqueous titrations can all be performed with the one simple thermometric probe. This thermometric probe requires no calibration and is essentially maintenance-free as it has no sensing membrane to foul or reference junction to clog. It can be stored dry between titrations.

Metrohm has transformed thermometric titrimetry from an <<interesting>> technique to one that is robust, practical and highly suitable for use in industrial laboratories. Powered by new Titrotherm software and supported by the new 859 Titrotherm thermometric interface module together with Metrohm's superb Dosino burettes and stirrers, the new system presents a compact footprint on laboratory benches.

Ask your Metrohm retailer today how Titrotherm can assist you in solving your titration problems!

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TITROTHERM - Titration Simplicity
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